Podstick Plus Disposable 600+ Hits - 5%


Banana ICE - Frozen bananas are blended with nicotine salts to create this uplifting fruity flavor
Fuji Apple ICE - Sweet crisp apples are enhanced with a splash of menthol steeping in a bath of nicotine salts.
Melon ICE - Melons bursting with flavor are augmented with a gust of uplifting menthol to create a sweetly balanced flavor.
Strawberry Banana - Sweet bananas are coupled with freshly picked strawberries that will drive the taste buds insane.
Cola ICE - Refreshing cola delivers a delicious flavor increased with a gust of menthol that will dazzle the senses.
Lush ICE - Summertime watermelons are treated to a frigid blast of menthol that will uplift the taste buds.
Orange Soda ICE -  Dazzling orange soda is shaken with a handful of ice for a refreshing flavor that will capture the senses.
Blue Razz ICE - Sweetly sour blue raspberries are enhanced with a chilly gust of menthol that will capture the taste buds attention.
Peach ICE - Luscious peaches are frozen and mixed with nicotine salts that will mystify the tongue with magnificent flavor.
Lychee ICE - Sweet lychees are treated to a bath of nicotine salts and menthol that will capture the exotic flavor and uplift the senses.


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