MRKT PLCE e-liquid

MRKT PLCE e-liquid


Fuji Pear Mangoberry: Fuji apples bring a sweet start to this e-liquid and it's followed by a crispy helping of pears. Mangoberries are a fusion of sweet and juicy mangos with a hand full of mixed berries.

Watermelon Hula Berry Lime: Sweet watermelon,then, we have a tangy, citrus lime. Followed by hula berry which you may or may not have ever heard of. Hula berries look like strawberries, but are white and a bit smaller than a traditional strawberry. Hula berries taste like a mix of a strawberry and pineapple. Everything is squeezed together for a very unique blend.

Pineapple Peach Dragonberry: 

First up is pineapple which gives this e-liquid a very nice, smooth citrus start. After the pineapple, you'll taste sweet and juicy peaches, After all that, we have dragonberry, which is a mix of dragonfruit, a common flavor made unique with a mix of sweet, succulent berries.

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