Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What Makes Us Different

“Best Vape Shop in Pittsburgh!”


“Cool Vapes is the most unique vape experience in Western Pennsylvania!”


“Cool Vapes has the most knowledgeable employees!”


What makes us different:


  • The unique look of our stores – You will see from the minute you walk in the door that our stores look brighter, cleaner, more well stocked than most other retail shops. The hard wood style floors, brightly lit cases, and individualized color scheme are the same in all three of our locations.


  • Knowledgeable Employees – Our employee’s outstanding Customer Service is what sets us apart from the rest. We have employees that really care about helping people quit smoking.  They insist on improving your vape experience by making sure you have the vape system and juice that’s right for you.  Our employees regularly help customers resolve problems with vape systems that were purchased from other shops.




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